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Lair of the Duck

Lair of the Duck


i’ve seen more posts of people being excited for Home than this movie, which made me upset because this movie comes out before Home does (not that i am saying that you shouldn’t praise Home as well). and as for Big Hero 6 (a movie that also comes out after the Book of Life) and the people saying that there is a lack of representation of Asians in media, i feel you. why? because there is a bigger lack of hispanics, and i agree Disney messed up, you be upset. but be happy for Hispanics as well because we finally got an animated movie representing us and our culture. so please go see this movie when it comes out.

that is all i ask.

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2013 - I made a little bowtie for my chicken <3

Wow, I came across this picture some time ago, and wow. I’ve found it again! Really loving it! ❤

i’m so fancy


science side of Tumblr explain why the ride home always takes less time 

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I feel like this represents tumblr since the 1st of September


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an important factual presentation by me

All the facts.

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So when boys want to wear tank tops, it’s okay, but when I want to do it, it’s indecent and my shoulders are going to give every boy in a 20-mile radius a boner?

if your underage and its a professional environment, wear professional clothing. women have sexual organs on their top half, men don’t, don’t you know biology??

breasts aren’t sexual organs and neither are shoulders do everyone a favor staple your hands to your ass

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You won’t allow me to go to school.
I won’t become a doctor.
Remember this:
One day you will be sick.

Poem written by an 11 year old Afghan girl 

This poem was recorded in a NYT magazine article about female underground poetry groups in Afghanistan. An amazing article about the ways in which women are using a traditional two line poetry form to express their resistance to male oppression, their feelings about love (considered blasphemous).

Here’s the link

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That time when Raven actually said what most of us want to say to a teacher who picks you for the answer when you clearly don’t know it, for usually no other reason than to embarrass you and make you look stupid. One of the main things I hate and always will hate about school. 

I do not miss this aspect of school and apologize to friends still in the system. Especially the introverted/socially anxious/awkward ones like I have always been. I know that feel.

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